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The Family

Welcome! We are a full-service custom electronics integrator with a combined 20+ years of experience. Specializing in making your electronics play nice together, we have the knowledge and resources to realize any system, big or small.

SCI is focused on lasting relationships with our clients, and believe that a home's systems are as organic as its residents. We are your go-to shop for all things electronic.

Please, take a moment to have a look around our home! You don't even need to take your shoes off...

You've Got a Guy

Technology is moving at a blistering pace these days. It can be difficult to stay on top of all the gadgets in the home, and it's even harder to make them work together. SCI was created expressly to provide a solution to this new-age problem.

Customized designs built hand-in-hand with our customers make for the best systems. Along with reliable products, quality workmanship and unmatched training and support, SCI is enabling customers to get the best out of their digital spaces.

"The best customer service you will find anywhere. Above all their work is impeccable. They have redefined the word "troubleshooting" by avoiding any trouble altogether...
SCI Technologies won't accept anything less than perfection."